RAD Global specializes in products where expertise & precision is required in cutting sewing and stitching. Our product range in Home Improvement Division includes

  • Shade Sails w complete installation kit
  • Wave Sails w complete installation kit
  • Outdoor Roller and Roman Curtains
  • Outdoor drape Curtains
  • Tennis Court and Fencing Nets w Polyester bands & eyelets

The fabric rolling out of Karl Mayer machines is precisely heat stabilized in order to provide mechanical stability and enhance the fabric look. The fabric is then accurately cut using machines before being transferred to the stitching unit. Heavy Duty Juki machines are used for stitching wherein special UV stabilized threads are used for better longevity of the finished product. Close attention is paid to the quality of stitching and finishing ensuring that each product is made to perfection.

The company has also developed sourcing for supporting accessories in stainless steel which are used for installation of wave sails and shade sails. The company offers finished products in various forms including PVC bags with Marketing leaflets, Rolled form or machine folded packaged in bales. We try to offer solutions which are complete so that you can focus on selling while we can do the rest.